Your Brand distinguishes you from the rest. We take care of it

The purpose of your brand, your trade name or your domain is to identify and differentiate your products, your services, your company, or your internet address from the rest. That is why it is so important to take care of them and prevent them from being appropriated or misused.

At Garreta I Associats, as experts in industrial and intellectual property, we help you choose the name that suits your business, and we protect and defend it both inside and outside the Spanish state.

Trademarks, commercial names, and domains
Choosing your brand, business name or domain is not an easy task. To do so, it is necessary to consider the sector in which your company belongs to and its degree of internationalization. It is additionally essential to ensure that the chosen nomenclature does not resemble or is owned by another entity.

The professionals at Garreta I Associats carry out an in-depth investigation and prepare a report with those names that are best suited to your company, products, services, and domain.

It is just as important to choose a brand, trade name or domain correctly as it is to register it once it has been chosen. Only in this way, you will prevent that other companies identify under the same nomenclature as you or defend yourself in the event of misappropriation.

At Garreta I Associats we develop a registration strategy considering aspects such as the field in which your company works and its area of interest and, based on it, we carry out the necessary procedures to register your brand, trade name or domain in Spain, the European union or other countries of the world.

In the event of misappropriation of your brand, trade name or domain or any other type of infringement, the most important thing is to act on time and with knowledge of the facts.

As specialists in industrial and intellectual property, we have the necessary experience and resources to protect your identity anywhere in the world.


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