The best way to safeguard your creations is to legally protect them

In a society as global and complex as ours, protecting the integrity of your ideas and projects is key. It is to preserve the identity of your business, but also the economic and intellectual resources that your company has invested in Research, Development, and Innovation.

One of the best ways to do this is through the possession of Patent, a Utility Model, or an Industrial Design. Three titles that grant their owner the exclusive right to exploit this invention, to use it and prohibit its use by third parties without the owner’s consent.

Our team of professionals oversees the necessary procedures to obtain these concessions and, through this, that your creations and interests are not threatened either in the Spanish state or in another part of the world.

Our team also analyzes all the detailed information and reviews all the background information so that, before materializing your ideas, you can find out their viability, the best strategies to follow and the different requirements and obstacles you may face.

Patents, utility models and industrial designs
For a project to have a place in a competitive and globalized market such as the current one, it must be innovative. It must also be achievable and entail an economic benefit for your company and for those entities that support it.

At Garreta I Associats we collect, review, and analyze in detail all the information necessary to determine its viability and prevent the project from an economic risk and to future investors.

In the same way that it is necessary to establish the viability of an invention, it is also necessary to determine its authenticity. To do this, it is essential to carry out a background search, that is, an investigation that aims to find out that the Patent, Utility Model, or Industrial Design is free.

Carrying out this procedure is key if we want to avoid adverse legal situations. At Garreta i Associats we assume this task to guarantee that your company always complies with the law.

Once the viability and authenticity of the invention have been determined, it is necessary to apply for the Patent, Utility Model, or Industrial Design. To do so, it is necessary to meet certain deadlines and, also, present specific documents.

The professionals at Garreta i Associats, as experts in industrial and intellectual property, take care of both the drafting of said application and the completion of all the necessary procedures to obtain its concession. No matter where in the world we must do it, we have the necessary human and structural resources to successfully tackle this task.

Is there a project that violates the industrial property rights of your creation? We prepare a report on infringement of inventions to defend your interests and request compensation for damages to third parties.

Before filing a Patent, Utility Model, or Industrial Design, it is important to know what the best strategy is to follow to protect your rights as the author of the invention and those of your creation.

The professionals of Garreta I Associats advise and guide you to achieve this goal anywhere in the world

Although your invention should be protected anywhere in the world, now there is no universal Patent, Utility Model, or Industrial Design with international scope. Hence, its concession must be requested and processed in those countries where it is desired to protect and guarantee its integrity.

At Garreta I Associats, in addition to taking care of carrying out all the necessary procedures for its validation and defense, we do the translation of all the documentation necessary to obtain it.

At Garreta I Associats we not only defend your Patent, Utility Model, or Industrial Design application against oppositions, appeals and nullity or expiration actions filed by third parties. We also take care of protecting your rights as the owner of it once it has been granted to you.

To do this, we track any creation that may pose a risk or injury to your business, and we defend your interests and those of your invention both within the Spanish state and abroad.


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