We protect your intellectual creations and your rights as an author

Although plagiarism has always existed, with the rise of the internet and new technologies, this and other fraudulent practices have spread and have reached sectors as diverse as music, cinema, literature, architecture, art or informatic programs.

That is why it is so necessary to protect your works even before they have materialized and, if your rights as an author are threatened, act in time and with knowledge of the facts.

At Garreta I Associats we are experts in intellectual property, and we offer advice, defense and legal representation so that your intellectual creations and your interests are protected at all times.

Intellectual property
The best way to safeguard your intellectual creations is to prove that you are the author of them. To do so, it will be necessary to register your scripts, computer programs, plans, books, or musical compositions in the Intellectual Property Registry and do so by providing specific documentation within specific deadlines.

At Garreta I Associats we take care of all the necessary procedures so that your name or your company’s appears as the author of your creation.

The professionals at Garreta i Associats are specialized in the protection and defense of intangibles, both in their initial phase -when your creations are not yet registered- and in their final phase -when they are already registered and there has been some violation of intellectual property.

This experience allows us to always guide you and develop the best strategy to protect your intellectual creations and your rights as an author. We advise you on the procedures to be carried out before management entities such as AGEDI, AIE, AISGE, CEDRO, DAMA, EGEDA, SGAE or VEGAP and on others such as the preparation of contracts for the assignment and exploitation of intellectual property rights.

At Garreta i Associats we offer you legal representation anywhere in the world so that your intellectual creations and your rights as author or owner are always protected.

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